About The Cow- That’s Me

I’m a big girl. I’ve always been a big girl. I started my period  a few months after I turned 11 and was wearing a girl’s size 14. By the next year I was a 10, and then a 12, and then, and then, and then.. I’ve been a size 10 3times in my life since then. Once was when my little ‘boyfriend’  broke up with me and told me he’s ‘go back out’ if I lost 40 lbs. I lost 30, looked amazing and laughed in his face when he wanted to be ‘cool’ again.  We do dumb things when we’re 14. I lost it all by puking and starving. I will. never. do. that. again.

When I was 20 I was a size 16 and moved overseas. Somehow in a  year of eating fresh food and walking a lot I came home wearing a size 10. Didn’t even know it. (I wore skirts the whole year).  When I got off of the plane my mother freaked out and asked what was wrong with me.  I got all excited and started working out like crazy for the rest of that year.  Like, 2 hours a day at 4am.  I got down to a size 6 for about 5 minutes. A year and a half later when I got married, I was back up to a 12/14.

So then I had 4 kids. I got up to 18/20. Not fun. After my last I got serious about my health.   I don’t want to be this kind of mom.  I wan to have energy, and be flexible and PLAY with my kids!  I got serious about losing weight.   Unfortunately, for me serious=obsessive.  To lose it I was eating crazy careful, and working out twice a day, burning 400-550 EACH TIME. I lost almost 60lbs from April to December. It felt so good to have a challenge, but I knew I couldn’t keep it up.  I just couldn’t maintain that lifestyle.  By February I had gained 15 lbs back. Which made me all depressed, and retarded. And the downward spiral began again.

I’ve tried so many diets.  From Weight Watchers, to juicing, to HCG, to meal plans, Atkins, South Beach….  I’M DONE DIETING!!  If you are looking for a diet blog, your SOL. Because this is a HEALTH blog and it may not end up very interesting. It’s just my online progress of what I eat and how I process choosing to be a healthy person 2 hours at a time.  I will post pictures of everything I eat on my facebook page. I will blog here if I’m frustrated or have some rare moment of insight as I process choosing a healthier path in life.

More later. Gotta go. I’m huunnngrry…

(PS  I made this blog anonymous, but not private. And if you’re reading it I most likely sent you the link.  I don’t know how interesting this is going to be, but if you come read PLEASE leave a comment.  Since I can’t eat sugar be sweet to me and say something nice, or whatever.  You can tell other people about my blog if you want to, especially if they are looking into the HCG diet. I hope that me publicly chewing the cud can encourage you or others!)



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