Holding Pattern- Pre-Op Diet is a Go

While waiting for insurance to approve my surgery,  I have started the pre-op diet. This diet is meant to be for 2-3 weeks before surgery to shrink the liver and the fat around the stomach…nice.

I have 3 protein shakes a day and 2 meals of lean meat/veggies a day.    The protein shakes are to total 60-80 g of protein.   I started on Monday and am doing well with it, other than not particularly liking the powder taste. I’m hoping to try another.

The weather has been rough this week and thrown my body into a bit of a fibro-fit.  Aches and pains where you aren’t used to feeling anything.  Sleepy, cloudy head, migraines… Ugh.

Anyway, this waiting is rough. They said the answer is typically mailed within 7-10 business days (we submitted last Thursday) but they legally have up to 30 days to respond.  With spring break coming up for kids and other large family events and responsibilities next month, it’s feeling really close.   I just like to plan and right now I can’t.

Next week I see my neurologist and discuss lowering meds after weight loss, which I am excited about. I also start physical therapy for my arthritis to get that under control and start regular exercise again.
Within the next paycheck or two we should be able to join the YMCA. I can go back to water aerobics with my friends of the senior age group.  Lovely old ladies. I’m sure they will have lots to say about my size, just like any grandmother who points out the obvious elephant-ness of you in the room.   Not looking forward to that… in a swimsuit.   But it’s worth it, because I am certainly looking forward to the water!!

So much good is coming.  Right now it’s like everything is stopped, frozen like the credit card in a cup of water in the freezer (thanks for that Dave Ramsey)… so much potential but must be the right timing.   Timing is not my strong suit.


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