Cow Pie

What can I say about this week…whirlwind, tornado…  So wonderful, so exhausting… so empowering, so humbling.  And for a laugh I’ll throw in this photo of some horrific blonde holding a cow pie made into a clock.


Monday I met with the Orthopedist who seems really awesome.  I like him a lot. I do NOT like that Xrays show my hip as looking normal and that he thinks the pain is most likely just from FM(Fibromyalgia). He told me that I need to find a rheumatologist. I don’t want to.  Anyway, it’s not like I want to have a hip issue. But something fixable sounds so much nicer than something I just have to deal with. I’m frustrated.  The final say is out until I get the MRI next week which they STILL haven’t called me to schedule. So now I have to find a spare minute to call them.

Tomorrow I meet with my PCP to get basic bloodwork done and release for surgery. Then I’m going to get Allergy tested for the simple fact that I never have been. And I know I have allergies… and my $2500 deductible is paid for the year. I want a clear, clean picture of what I can work on after surgery.  Also getting my chest X-ray and lung testing since I’ve always had weak-sh lungs. Same reason. Get er done, whether I feel like cow poop or not.


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