Dusting Off My Cow Harness…


It’s been awhile. A long, heavy while.    I’ve been torn about how much to share, with who and how, for several months now.  Do I ask for help individually? Do I beg a few close friends to change their whole schedules to support me? Or do I open up and share more openly, knowing that I’d have to stop rolling my eyes and scoffing at the term “It takes a village”.    Not that I’m not all about teamwork. Just greatly dislike the book by Hillary Clinton. And have seen it used as an excuse in the past.

Ok, wait. Backtracking.  Last for the past year and a half I have put my battle with weight out to pasture. (so begin my cow references).  With many other health issues going on,  I felt that being at peace with that aspect of my body was just necessary to deal with the other quirks and illnesses that that are crying out for attention.
Instead of seeing myself as a mad cow on the mend, I feel more like a walking lemon.  Or a hobbling one, really.  I’ve even joked about it with friends.  You may have heard it.  “I love my life and I’m ok. I just got a lemon. No big deal.”

My hope and focus with this blog and weight loss has always been my health.  But now, focus is shifting towards some more serious health needs. And that means no more taking my “lemon” of a body and all of it’s issues lightly.  It’s time to make some lemonade..

I’m not sure how coherent this blog will be over the next few months, but it feels like a good place to lay it out there. Hash it out, work through the details… Try to make sense.

This isn’t anything dramatic.  My “lemon” is soured by many little issues not the big ones that many stronger people are struggling with.    There are people out there who are stronger and facing much more difficult hurdles.  So, please don’t worry about me! I’m sharing in this form  for support because I’m not as strong as I want to be, and I don’t do well alone.

So, this is my little intro to getting moving in the direction of fixing my body, facing what it needs.  And including those who I know care and are there to listen.


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