MY HCG From 2010, a little history.

In 2010 I did one round of the HCG diet.  I really enjoyed it and felt great, but it was a struggle as well.   I have learned so much more now about why I became overwhelmed and failed!  The protocol I was on was a 500 calorie and it was just not enough.  Also, I didn’t understand the balances like I’m learning now and the value of phase 3 and phase 4.

Regardless, I did have a fantastic round and really enjoyed it.  I had a lot of “aha!” moments that are still worth sharing. So here are all of the posts from that round, lined up in a pretty row for you to read through if you would like:

So, Extreme is My Middle Name
The Binge
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
More Day Three
The 4th Day and WOW!
Slow Down And Check Your Tank
Day 5- What The Crap!?!?
Day 6- Rolling With It
Day 7- Gonna Make You Sweat Till You Bleed
Week 1 Down!!! 14lbs Gone!
Well Gahh!!
Squeezing In a Post
What A Weekend
Don’t Worry, We’re Still Shrinking

And that was it.  I had almost no support last time.  I was going on my own motivation and understanding. I look back and think that if I had had the information and support I have now, I would ave been so much more successful!  I lost 23 lbs in 30 days on that round. Then I only did Phase 3 for 4 days and decided I was just fine and could do what I wanted. Bad choice. My hypothalamus had not reset and my body had not stabilized. It all came back and more.

Now I’m wiser and more determined. And I’m over playing around.  More later.  There’s a herd of “littles” clamoring for my attention.


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