Day 7- Gonna Make You Sweat Till You Bleed

“Is that dope enough? Indeed!” ~ Marky Mark Walberg, failed rapper turned amazing actor (thank goodnes!)  I spent some time on the treadmill today and yesterday. Afterward did my own little routine of planks, wall sits and abs.  It felt great.  I always loved this lame ol’ song.  So does my 5 year old, now.

Sweating doesn’t come easy to me. I have to work  pretty darn hard and for awhile before I break one. Oh, I watch everyone else soak with it.  I feel my heart race, I wear out. I just never sweat…   Actually, I have PUKED during workouts before I really was sweating hard. It’s so frustrating because I know that sweating is good for you and all that.

Yesterday and today I did the beginner workout, which only hit 3.5mph and a 9incline and is 20 minutes long.  I’m actually enjoying Jillian, which isn’t something I thought I’d ever say. But really, I was seriously sweating at the end of it.  I wonder if my metabolism is already kicking in differently. Oh please, let it be so!!!

I got dressed straight out of bed this morning to work out.  Ready to go. But the day got away from me. Then it did it again, and again.. I got home from a meeting with a client at 10pm and got straight to it because I WANT my workout.  I was so afraid when we bought this treadmill that I would be like so many others who get one and never use it.  We bought a REALLY good one and I knew we couldn’t afford to just waste it.  I used it the first 2 days and then I injured my ankle. That was in June.  My ankle still hurts me daily but I’m ready to get moving.  I’m happy to say that I was looking forward to my workout tonight. I’m absolutely enjoying it. No way is it a waste!

I got out of the shower a few minutes ago and looked at my belly. I feel like in this one first week it’s just deflated. It’s gone so quickly and I feel great about it!   Tomorrow is our one week weigh-in. I’m excited to see how it goes!

Oh! Today I hit 12.5 and Travis stayed the same at 12. Every day I expect to get on the scale and it be the same, and every day I have lost 1-2lbs.


B: Toast (Dry), Eggwhites, Yogi Berry Detox Tea
S: Apple
L: Garlic Chicken with sauteed mushrooms (a lot of them 😉 )
S: Peach
D: Baked chicken with Bragg Sprinkle, Pepper Slaw


B: Toast (Dry), Eggwhites, Yogi Berry Detox Tea
S: Orange
L: Bragg Chicken over a salad
S: Forgot
D: Baked chicken with Bragg Sprinkle, Pepper Slaw, Orange


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