Friends Don’t Let Friends HCG Unsafely

Travis went to bed at 9pm. He fell asleep on the couch and I made him get  up and go get in bed. Should I be concerned that this Diet may be aging him prematurely? Doubt it.  Because he decided to crash early, I thought I take the rare opportunity to watch a chick-flick alone on Netflix Streaming.  I mean, I have 5 loads of clean laundry and they’ve all got my name on them.

So I sit on the couch and grab the Wii remote from where I’ve left it on the table. It doesn’t work. So I take it to the kitchen and get new batteries. That wasn’t the problem.  I whisper into the bedroom and ask Trav where the ‘real’ remote is. You know, the one that works.  He says he’s not sure but that when he was on the couch it kept registering when he was moving around.  So I proceed to take every pillow off of the couch, then the cushions off. I don’t see it.  What I do see is a big roach, one of those huge ones from outside. It’s crawling up the wall. So I go grab the vacuum cleaner and make it back in time for him to fall behind the couch.  So, I still haven’t found the remote. I move the couch. And I may as well clean underneath it.  Move it back. I look at the bare couch in frustration. I want to watch a movie!!! Can I blame my sudden poutiness on the HCG? It is a pregnancy hormone…
I put the couch back together and plop down discouraged and… click.  That darn thing is still in the couch! So all pillows and cushions come back off and I cave to sticking my hand down in The Crease. yes, that’s capitalized for a reason.  It’s disgusting! But I found it. Started getting a movie cued and the remote stops working. Batteries died. Can you believe this? Luckily the other remote is next to me and I can swap them out. At this point it’s 10pm and I try not to stay up to late when I’m on Heavy Call, meaning someone is past due date.  So, I’ll be watching the beginning of something lame while I blog and then I’m going to bed. In case the call comes.

Well, it seems that at least one person is reading my ramblings.  My mom. Other than Joy’s comment a few days back I feel like I’m talking to myself which is really fine. I can be held accountable by the open void of the interwebs.

Anyway, my mom.  She’s been doing the Quick Weight Loss Center diet for quite awhile and not loosing as much as she would like. So her question was, couldn’t she just take the vitamins and eat what I’m eating to lose?  I’m just glad that she called and asked before she decided to go on a crazy 800 calorie diet without all of the information.

The thing is that  eating this little would be unhealthy if I didn’t have the HCG working with me.  The HCG releases your fat stores one pound at a time to be burned as energy. So, while I’m eating very little food, my body is working off of all the food that I’ve had before and is sitting on my wide rear end and making my belly look 6 months pregnant perpetually.  Without those fat stores being releases it would be inadvisable to eat so little.

Her next question was what about the cheaper versions of HCG out there? The thing is that this is a hormonal supplement that really changes the way that your body is processing energy.  You want it to work right.  And I believe that you get what you pay for.  It’s easy to find different options for HCG cheap on the internet, but do you really want to trust them? This is something that I really believe quality counts. While it may seem steep to pay $120 for a months supply of HCG and B12 from Carol, you know that you are putting high quality HCG in your system and that it works (not to mention the ebook with specific information on how to do this, recipes and the YahooGroup for support).  And don’t forget that with the small amounts of food that you are eating, your grocery bill will be down.

So, while it wasn’t the easy way out that Mom wanted to hear, I hope that it all makes sense.  Just like I knew that buying a $200 treadmill would just frustrate me because it wouldn’t be good enough to really run on, I think that the quality of the HCG does make a difference in the success that people have with this.


B: Toast, a peach and Tea  (Trav had Scrambled egg whites too)
S: None. We had breakfast really late
L: Grilled Chicken Salad w Salsa for dressing at Willy’s
S: none. I was full so decided to save it for dinner
D: Seared Scallops, Steamed Broccoli, Grilled Peaches

Can I tell you how much I love Scallops?? I’ve never had the guts to buy them before and had never cooked them but I went for it since we are eating small portions. I can stretch that Costco bag a loonnng time!

I have some requests for recipes, I’ll work on that tomorrow. For now I’m going to hunt behind the couch for Mr Roach with the vacuum again and then go to bed.


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