Slow Down and Check Your Tank

You know, I was raised to eat in a hurry. I have 6 brothers, and if you had any hopes of getting seconds on anything you had to shovel your plate down fast. It still fills that way when my family all gets together. We love to eat. A lot.

I got in the van today, was frustrated before I even turned the key. You see, as I sat and buckled in I remembered that the tank was empty and I had zero chance of getting to where I needed to be without filling up. And while there was one gas station on the way it was MUCH more expensive than the usual one.  Yet I had no time to go out of the way to save a buck. I turned the key and watched slowly, slowly, slowly… as the gauge went up, finally reaching the top. Full!!! Full? Really?  It took me a minute to process the fact that at some point my amazing husband had taken the van out and filled it up. I still need to ask him about that. Have no idea when he fit that in!

The problem is that it takes awhile for your body to register the feeling of full.  We eat and expect our stomach to feel like that game at the fair where you try to hit with a hammer hard enough to ring the bell at the top. It has to be hard and it has to be fast.  But our bodies don’t work that way.  They need time.  Our ‘full feeling’ takes time like a slow gauge on your car and we have to wait for it, or we overstuff. And then we’re miserable. I am so sick and tired of being miserable like that!!

Also, I’m hypoglycemic.  Anyone who is around me when my blood sugar drops has seen quite a show. I stutter, I get emotional over toothpics or something else that makes no sense. I can’t make a decision for the life of me. i don’t know if, like the gas stations, I should drive through a drive through so that I don’t pass out which means that I eat something that really is not going to fit into my food allergies but I’m too disoriented to make the correct choice.  Or I could drive all of the way home and have to walk inside with a kid, or two, or the or four.. And i have to find something readily available or make something.  Unfortunately, I push myself to this point almost on a daily basis because I do so much and refuse to slow down.

I’m really enjoying the structure of this. I know that it looks like I’m eating all of the same stuff every day, but that’s more because I’m trying to eat what’s in the fridge before I go buy more food. While this diet is extremely limited, you can get really creative with it.  Because i know what I’m supposed to eat at each meal and because my fruit has to be 6 hours apart, I’ve already found a routine that is taking so much stress off of my eating.  And because it has me eating 5 times a day I haven’t had as many bloodsugar drops yet. I was really worried about that when I started out.

Oh and on a sidenote,  I just made popcorn for the kids and we all cuddled and watched a movie. Wasn’t even tempted once to eat any and Travis didn’t seem to be bothers. That’s a win.


B: Ezekiel toast w/ stevia and cinnamon. WL Tea (Travis had 3 egg whites also)
S: Grapefruit
L: Cajun Shrimp over Green Salad
S: Orange
D: Steak and Scallop Kabobs with onions, peppers ad mushrooms (T had 5ox of meat and some extra veggies)


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  1. I know what you mean about the sugar drop / sudden need to eat. I had that happen ALL THE TIME when I was eating wheat, and it still happens on occassion. I keep larabars and almonds in my bag every time i go out, in case of emergency (just found a couple recipes online for homemade larabars, too. Hit me up for it after you’re done detoxing!) That way I don’t have to make a choice between eating something that’s “poison” or feeling like I’m going to pass out someplace.


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