Day 5- What the Crap?

Good Morning.  We’re up.  I’m feeling so much energy when I wake up in the morning. Kinda back to my ‘old self’ which is nice.  I’ve always been a morning person but in the last 2 months of really bad eating (and I mean really bad. You have no idea!) I’ve been sluggish lethargic and just yuck in the morning.  It feels good to have some energy with all I have to do immediately when my feet hit the floor. I think I can love mornings again!

So, we have a little problem. Things are getting hard to do. Well, really just one thing.  While all of the water we are drinking has got us peeing  all of the time, the other job is not happening. And it’s REALLY not comfortable.  In reality, this happens to me when I eat wheat and it’s VERY painful, so I has assumed that it was the Ezekiel Bread that I’m eating every day.  But Travis just told me that he’s got the same thing going on. I actually took 2 seneca lax tabs yesterday and I’m still pretty uncomfortable with no, umm… out-come.

So this morning we’ll be having “Smooth Move” for our tea and see if that helps get us, uhhh… moving.

Weigh in was good. I’m down one more totally 10lbs.  Travis was down .4 but he ate extras yesterday and then decided not to exercise.  So, there ya go. No extras for me. I was really feeling full almost all day long!


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