The 4th Day, and….

Holy Cow!!  Travis was down a total of 10 this morning, and I am down 9.  He bumped up a good bit from all the sweating and work he was doing yesterday.  I had this nagging feeling last night that I would most likely stay the same, which really would be fine. While I certainly want to lose weight (I have about 40 to go), I really am fine with it taking awhile. The fast that this is going quickly is a bonus, but really I just want to get all of the junk out of me and OFF of me.

That includes all of this extra fat.  I’m looking at this as extra toxins on my body, because really that’s what it is.  All of the fat is storing toxins that are affecting me and I want them off.  And if I had a 40lb tumor and was told that I could do this diet instead of chemotherapy, well… duh! Who wouldn’t go for this?

This is not about how I look, or fitting into an image.  Honestly, half of my problem is that I like myself and feel pretty even when I’m overweight.  I’m mostly confident in it (unless I’m around my sisters. They bring out the shallow side of me in an instant).  Sure, I get frustrated, I would like to look better. But I want to FEEL better.  My incision from 4 c-sections still hurts me EVERY DAY. The only time that I’ve had some relief from that dull ache was last winter when I got down so low.  I want to feel like that again. I want to move freely and fit in my skin!

I’m heading out to Costco now to meet my mom. No ritual hotdog for me today. I’ll be sticking with water and feeling good about it!


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