Catching Up on Day 3

So, I didn’t get around to checking in last night.  I had a consultation with a new couple and didn’t get home until 11.  You didn’t want to hear from me, I promise.

Here is what we ate yesterday:

B: Ezekiel Bread with WL Tea
S: Grapefruit, 1 piece of gum
L: Huevos Rancheros… Delicious and I felt so full!
S: Apple
D: Grilled Chicken (Bragg Sprinkle) over my Pepper Slaw

Not eating after 7 was easier because I was heading out to the meeting.    Travis had a really hard time today. It was his last “Free Friday” of the summer (his company gives every other friday off!) and he changed the brakes, mowed the lawn, worked on finishing the new shed… He was outside ALL day.  In the afternoon I made him an extra scrambled egg, and for dinner I gave him extra chicken. It’s more important to me that he is able to stick to it than that he actually gets the exact proportions that they tell us to.

And there are specific proportions, I’m just not listing them here. It’s too much detail, but all of the proportions are very specific and clear in the handbook. 🙂

It was an easier day. I did get tired driving back from my new baby visit this afternoon, but NOTHING like the other day when I thought I was going to go off of the road.

I did eat that carrot that is not on the approved veggie list. I’m not so upset about ‘breaking the rules’ as much as how mindlessly I shove food down my throat.   I honestly did not realize that I had done it until I had chewed it completely and was swallowing.  I put it in my mouth and chewed like a robot.  I have to be more aware of what I’m doing.


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