Day One…

Ok, so today I started the HCG  Diet with my husband.  We woke up and had a cup of tea together.  For a moment I let myself get carried away imagining mornings drinking tea before he heads out.  It’s silly really.  I always joke that there were 2 small sacrifices that I made when I married him.  Other than these two things he was the perfect man and fit into everything I had hoped and dreamed of, and let me tell you. Those dreams were pretty specific…

So the two things were that I wanted a man who would love to take me dancing, and that we would drink coffee together every morning for the rest of our lives.  It’s simple silly stuff. But, ya know. The dream of peaceful mornings sharing  a hot cup of comfort still lingers almost 10 years later…

But we did drink a cup together. He complained the whole time that he didn’t like it. I went through about a dozen other flavors on hand offering to make him another, and he was not interested to say the least. There is apparently ONE type of hot tea that they have at the church and he really likes. I’ll be scouting it out on Sunday and hoping to find some for him. Maybe there’s hope for forcing him to fit the mold yet. What am I saying?? He’s too good for molding. Pfft….

So, I cut up a grapefruit to have with my tea, but ended up holding it for a midmorning snack.  I had my tea,  a cup of icewater w/ ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), and another full glass of water and was too full. I ate it in the car about 10am.

For lunch I had a rare opportunity to go chill with one of Trav’s cousin’s, Becca, who is also doing the HCG. She started 2 weeks ago and is down 12 lbs already!  I know I already mentioned that my husband is amazing, but did I tell you he came with the most fantastic family?  It was a great day!  She made steak and chicken skewers that were unbelievable. It was a great motivator for sticking to this.  We watched a film and chatted. It was great. I was loving this whole process!

That was until I got in the car to drive home.  Out of nowhere, fatigue hit me like a load of bricks. I was seriously praying the whole way home, which happens to be about a 45 minute drive. I called several people to try to talk and stay awake. I called Travis who was hungry, grouchy and fighting the heavyweight of sleepiness, too.  Miraculously, we survived the ride to pick the older 3 up. After an hour and a half of driving, I mad it home and crashed on the couch for 10 minutes.  That was rough.

Luckily, my B12 and other supplements came in the mail while I was out battling the sleepy-demon.   I’m hoping that will help tomorrow.

For dinner I cut up some mushrooms, peppers and onion for Travis to have with his chicken and basically copied what Becca made for lunch. I used McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning which has no sugar , corn or MSG.  It’s one of my favorites already.  I threw all of the veggies on the Forman Grill with a drizzle of EVOO and the seasoning. I did my chicken the same but as one piece, and for my vegetable I sauteed a little EVOO onion with some spinach. Then I made garlic bread out of our Ezekiel Bread, using a tiny bit of EVOO and my Tone’s Garlc Herb mix, which also is salt, sugar, MSG and corn free.  It was really good!

After dinner was HARD. We weren’t really hungry so much, but the boredom of an empty mouth can consume your mind.  Since I’m typing in full disclosure, I have to confess.  Out of desperation, we went outside and smoked a clove together. We have one box left. While a box will usually last us 2 months, I’m thinking we may have one a night for the next week, to keep us from eating. I know.  To survive detoxing, we start smoking.  Dumb. But it is what it is, and it’s not become a habit if it hasn’t over the many years we’ve enjoyed them as a treat.

We went to bed earlier than usual. I went first, because I was feeling hungry and didn’t want to cave.

Overall it was a great first day. I’m really pleased, and Travis feels good about it!


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