The Binge

The HCG has arrived and we have done our 2 days of binging.  I was a little concerned about the Watermelon flavor in the GCH drops, because I’m allergic to watermelon.  But watermelon flavoring itself has never bothered me and neither did this.  Also noteworthy, the misspelling of watermelon (watermellon) on the label under ingredients didn’t bother me.  Although, I’ve spent the whole day contemplating a quick email to bring it to their attention.  So,  ok. It bothered me a bit. And I’m a typo queen.

I’m not gonna give you much detail because, well, it’s embarrassing to pig out like that.   Let’s just say there was PLENTY of high fat food involved, and I chose to ignore my food allergies for the 2 days.  But I’ve gotta tell ya. After eating like that, I don’t WANT anything but meat and veggies and to clear out my system!! I’m really looking forward to it.



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